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Domingo S. Acosta Rodríguez (2011) The Forzon in an inertial mass system of omni-directional impulses. Physics Essays: December 2011, Vol. 24, No. 4, pp. 547-556. doi:

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Article Citation: Domingo S. Acosta Rodríguez (2013) The Forzon and the space energy. Applied Physics Research Vol 5, No 2 (2013)
DOI: 10.5539/apr.v5n2p63



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Contributions of OIS

An Introduction the theory of mass (OIS)

Higg Bosson or Forzon?

The Forzon

Galera photographic, artistic illustrations of the model

Recent experiments in support of OIS HLC

History of OIS

Inertia, as gravitation is one of the mass manifestation, as we know, the classic definition of inertia is based on the resistance of the body to change its state, either at rest or in motion. This phenomenon was pointed out by Newton in his law of motion. Subsequently Einstein described much better the mechanisms of movement in his Special Theory of Relativity (SR). Both verified the existence of inertia and its effect on the movement of the particles, but none of them explained what causes the inertia.
About a century later OIS provides the explanation. The result was not only that the inertia was explained but in addition, being a fundamental theory, it has had an enormous repercussion in other key areas of Physics.
If we think about inertia, we can see that the so-called forces of reaction exist, which is so assumed that we would never think about the origin of these forces. It seems normal that when shooting a bullet we feel the the weapon recoil. We were told that the bullet, when receives our impulse reacts issuing a similar boost but at reverse. Nobody asks where the bullet gets the energy to emit its contrary impulse. It looks as the only thing it does is to return the same energy that we have given. This is the key that took us to the OIS idea??, this could not be the case, and if the bullet had a a stock of impulses with the proper direction ready to be used for that purpose. As stated by the famous equation of Einstein, mass is a form of energy. So calculations come and show what is the essence of OIS, that energy is a mass of impulses and from where, its mass, the bullet gets its energy to meet our momentum.
Finally OIS tells us that any body or particle with a mass at rest , has a limited amount of energy to produce the impulses of reaction. Specifically, the energy is equivalent to half of its mass. The way this happens is one of the things that explains OIS using the equations of special relativity. Such an explanation is ambivalent, as SR explained OIS as OIS explains the SR.


Although relativity is a theory that works great, it is only a matematical description of the observed movements in particles, but fails to make clear the reason for such behavior. To explain the background and find the reasons for such behavior is what this theory claims.

OIS proceed from a simple analysis of SR. and fully explains it using common sense.Is this possible?
Since SR exists, over a century ago, common sense lack of SR has been proclaimed. A lot has been said about it and quite a few came to the conclusion that common sense is something specious and unnecessary in Physics. However, it must be said, we can understand the full meaning of relativity ad it is one of many achievements of this theory.

OIS makes it clear how itinertia works and many other things, such as what is time and what function it accomplishes in the cosmos, what is the matter and the reason of the curious relationship between mass and energy (E = mc 2). Some results are surprising, for example, that matter is a machinery, which in order to to run (exist) requires the continuous consumption of vast amounts of energy, in this OIS is a pioneer because when the book was published in 1998, this energy demand seems nonsense, however, few years later 2002 was declared the year of dark energy, a kind of energy hitherto unknown. And yet OIS today is the only way to understand dark energy and its relationship with matter. This makes it an exeptional tool to understand how the universe works.

Based on OIS we can see that relativity, the only thing it does with the equations, is to manage a simple energy stock, a stock that constitutes what we mean by mass. To such a point, it was possible to develop a parallel relativity (RSOCI) based solely on countable bills of stocks and get the same results as with the equations of Lorentz and Einstein.

Finally, to find the law governing the store management, we come across the law governing the universe, the law of laws, because the laws of Newtonian mechanics or Einstein's special relativity is a consequence of it.
Thus, OIS enables us to advance in the comprehension of the universe and all things around us, ending what have been many exciting years of mystery.

OIS didactics
Knowledge of OIS can be edited in a simple elementary level book. The fact that this theory keeps common sense makes it accessible to anyone even illiterate. Well who doesn't not know what happens when two people pull the extremities of a rope?

OIS gives meaning to everything achieved so far with such powerful tools as the Hubble Space Telescope and the European Super hadrons aceledaror of LHC . The first because it serves to verify the existence of dark energy and the second because it does claim to be able to explain the causes of the mass, which is very surprising because the mass is something that they, the LHC scientists , produced routinely every time they accelerate particles, i.e. they know how to produce it but do not know what it is.
Of course, we all appreciate the huge technological achievement of these marvellous scientific tools. Nobody doubts about the immense usefulness and value of many of their past and future contributions who have served us and will continue to serve as a reference for all scientific research. In the field of the accelerators of particles, OIS provides very important interpretations on how particles arise from the kinetic energy and more specifically what is this energy.

In the early summer of 2012 was held with great fanfare the discovery of the famous Higgs' Bosson, finally we were told that among the billions of events studied the supercomputer was able to find some particles compatible with the so searched Higgs' boson.
And what is the Higgs' bosson? Well, this particle is assumed to be responsible that all the particles have a mass. In this, it seems runs against OIS, in principle there is no incompatibility between the two theories , it's different views on the same phenomenon, mass. Both theories are added to enrich the concept. The higg see the problem from a quantum point of view and the forzón from corpuscular and Relativist point of view.
What are the differences between the higgs and forzon? Well, the first has an immense mass of the highest known while forzon is by definition the least amount of mass and energy that may exist.
Another very important difference is that forzon can be fully understood by common sense, i.e. children can understood it, while the Higgs is still not be understood by the scientists themselves who created it. From where Lord Higgs himself was surprised when he was told that his particle was found. "I was not expecting it to be found in what is left of my life" He exclaimed!
True, the Higgs is something inexplicable, at least in ordinary language, you need to be an expert in mathematics, attempts to explain to the layman are disastrous interpretaiones leading to the paradox of the ant and the elephant..

When a particle that weighs as much as the H. bosson is told to be responsible for a particle as light as the electron has a mass, I imagine that each ant is carrying uphill a ghost elephant on his back, unseen but which is the real cause of ant small weight. Yes, I can imagine, but I find it hard to understand the need for something so embarrassing, besides I get to think about the perversion of mathematics to allow such aberration about the poor ant and also with the impunity of individuals who have executed it. I find so abusing! A joke. But hey, I think that they have not found a better solution to the problem of mass than annoying the unfortunate ant.
The forzon is natural and perfect, anyone who wants can understand it, it is pure common sense, something that most physicists, mathematicians and philosophers seem to hate.
According to OIS, the mass is a mass of forzons, calling forzons the particles of traction, which are pulling the strings, but make no mistake, it has nothing to do with the theory of strings. It is very easy to understand, as we have said it is a version of the strings game in which two people are pulling the rope extremities, looks easy right? Then with this, the mechanisms of OIS special relativity, inertia and mass are explained very simply. In science, they say that the simpler are, the better are the explanations, being like this, there is no doubt, OIS is the best ;-)

OIS Fortress
OIS is an ineludible theory of inertial mass. It means that you can not avoid it because it fits perfectly with the calculations of Special Relativity (SR). Therefore any theory of mass must respect what the SR says and therefore should also respect OIS proposal.

Despite enormous differences, both agree on one thing, the need for a very energetic space interacting with particles allowing them to be what they are, i.e. to having all their properties including mass. Energetic space that has been missed for a long time, from Einstein or earlier by several physicists that have pointed to the possibility and desirability of its existence. Fortunately, OIS when defining matter as a machine running and therefore energy consumption, unequivocally points the road to full comprehension of the characteristics of the space and the way in which the matter underpinning of it.


In order to establish a relationship between impulse I = Ft (Time Force) brought to particles and the inertial changes observed in them P = mv, (mass times velocity) we feel the need to assume that the mass at rest of bodies, consists of a system of omnidirectional impulses . Is it a strange affirmation? As we know, in a body at rest, impulse or momentum P must be zero, because if v = 0 the result of the multiplication mv = 0. This evidence explains why scientists have stayed away from this idea without which mass cannot be possibly understood. But as we shall see, one of the most important features of this theory is to show that the impulses of the mass at rest is an ineludible evidence.

The forzon is the name of impulse that constitutes mass, or likewise, mass is a mass of forzons.
The forzon is a tractor, a motor particle sailing through space at the speed of light except that it remains attached to another one but in opposite sense, in this case both will be pulling without apparent motion.
The forzon is also the particle with which all matter and energy (photons) were made.
As inpulse that is, this particle is composed of time and force, this particle name could be any name related to force, time, or both at once or the mass itself, but the name is not important, but what is named. The easiest was to call it Forzon as the source of forces observed in matter.
As we will see, we can call impulse to these drive traction mechanisms because there is a relationship between them and what we have always known as impulse.
The mass at rest consists of a system of omnidirectional and centrifugal impulses or forzons, wherein each forzon is balanced with its opposite. Because of this and the spehrical distribution of forzons , the assembly remains in a tense balance state. See gallery of images.
The most easy way to understand it is to think of it a as a game where players pull the rope in opposite directions. Mass will be a system of ropes arranged homogeneously in all directions and joined to a central point. Each string is tensed at their endings by a player that in this game is called forzon. The fact that such a system remains at rest shows that forces of all players are identical and their distribution homogeneous in every way, only therefore the assembly will have a momentum P = 0 regardless of players number that are part of the system.
Indeed, the equation I = mc relates the mass of the particle with a quantity of forzons. Through it we can ensure that a body at rest of 1Kg equals the amount of momentum I = 1c Ns distributed in all directions and senses.
In that case, the balance only can be broken if we can change the quantities of impulses pulling in one direction and its opposite. This is achieved by applying an impulse to the particle. The development of this theory explains how our understanding of impulse I = Ft is in fact a flow of forzons that in and out of the system unbalancing it in order to produce speed and increasing its amount to produce a mass increase. Likewise the impulse P = mv is the result of changes in the system by these flows.

The energy that we have always known as currency forzon. It means that all changes and energy transfers between particles are actually exchanges of forzon (mass). The equation E =mc2 = mcc contains the terms mc, which as we saw it, is the amount of forzons of a particle in units of Newtons per second (Ns). Indeed, the amount of forzons of a particle determines its energy, because as it cannot be otherwise the energy of the particle is the sum of the energies of its forzons. Traction motors of forzons never stop so we are talking about the energy consumed by forzons every second. Thus OIS tells us that the cause of the energy known is another energy that we would have never considered, we are talking about dark energy, the energy needed to maintain forzons operating, and as a result, all the matter and energy that we were observing in our universe, since we could make it, now a few hundred years ago.

OIS provides a geometric model and therefore a vision of mass, therefore it has been possible to make artistic recreations of time force structure representing the mass at rest


*** To view a larger pictures click on the mouse left button on the images ***.
The mass at rest can be considered a centrifugal and omnidirectional system of impulses (COIS).
The system remains in a tense balance in all directions and senses. Masa en reposo

The movement is caused by a disequilibrium between the impulses forming the system 1

The impulse that forms this mass has a time force structure . The time corresponds to a surface area from which starts the force vector.
Partial rest mass

Thanks to its capacity of binding, the impulse areas may form complex multidirectional structures.
In this picture we see the gap left by reaction impulses emitted by the particle.
Rest mass zoom

Zooming in we can see details of the time surface areas .
And part of the missing sphere corresponds to reaction impulses consumed.
Mass detailed profile

In the vicinity of the light speed,
losing almost all reaction impulses increasing its disk or kinetic ring ,
the sphere of ??the mass rest has been transformed into a flat surface.
99.77 mass% C


Fortunately, it seems that LHC is giving rational to OIS est, see the image in which the structure of a mass accelerated until a velocity of 99.77% of light speed, it is seen as a flat disk. This image reflects a prediction of OSI. I don't know if these scientists have been inspired by this image or not, the fact is that the result of their work seems to mean the same thing.

Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 212002 (2011) [4 pages] Experimental Confirmation That the Proton is Asymptotically a Black Disk


OIS's origins date back to the year 1992. when I bumped into a manuscript where a physicist explained that the mass was one of the biggest challenges of physics. I realized that this riddle was solved in my book The Todal (1987) describing a fluid universe in which appeared structures organized in levels. So I only had to study the case of mass and create an specific application that resolves it. By late 1993 and early 1994 the problem was solved. At 1998 I decided to publish the book "The Inertial Mass".
As the years passed, and in 2005 improving somehow the focus I decided to send my work with some major improvements to Physics Essays journal...


Roscoe DA and AA Larson "Gravitation as self movement of matter due to the exchange of gravitons" Phys Essays 22, 22, 2009.
These lords in said work published a Theory on earth on describing the motion as an imbalance between inner impulses of a system. It is an interesting and very different Theory, although almost shares the concept of movement of OIS. The first big difference is the sense of his impulses, which are contrary to OIS, ie centripetal instead of centrfugal

D. ACOSTA: inertial mass.